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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

OOPS.. forgotten draft.. now posted!

I wrote this draft the beginning of January.. and just realized it never got posted!

So.. it's 2011! Here are some random thoughts going through my mind after just typing 2011...

It seems insane time can go by so quickly, of course we (and everything surrounding us) goes with it..
we age, we grow.. some of us shrink once we get to be a certain age! ;) ..
but it's always been so insane to me how it goes so fast
How do we spend every moment in our own lives, yet when we turn 27 we still feel 16 or 18.. how do we spend almost every waking moment with our children, yet on their 3rd birthday we find ourselves wondering "where did those three years go?". I just wonder how that happens. My most obvious assumption is that we get so bogged down with our day to day lives (whether exciting or mundane) that we just forget. We don't literally forget time is passing.. we just forget little moments. Our mind capacity is too small to store every moment we experience and we just.. forget. It sounds sad really, that we forget moments of our lives. But I can attest to the truth of it.. (I don't know if attest is the correct spelling of the word I'm trying to use and I'm most certainly not stopping this flow of thought to go look it up) anyhow.. I am a 27 year old mother of one three year old and those are my thoughts..
When did I hit 27, where are those years in between.. what did those moments (once so close to the surface in my memory) hold? when did my son turn THREE..
when did I grow up, inherit this marriage, bills, car, house.. this life?!
This precious life I've both loved and hated.. and in the end, most certainly always.. LOVE.

See what a month of not posting gets me (and you, if you're still with me)?!

enjoy all your moments in 2011!

Long time no see!

So yess.. it's been over two months since I posted last! You all know how the holidays are and frankly I took that time off for myself and to spend with family! :) I did do a few shoots near the holidays, but just for friends.. and I recently found out my space on this blog is at its max! That means no more picture posts until I upgrade.. so hopefully you'll stick around until I have the time to do all that!

In the meantime.. you may have heard I'm not doing photography anymore.. which isn't entirely true. I am still working as a photographer, just not as much. My son is 3 years old and after a few medical mishaps over the last year, I feel an urgency to not spend as much time working and spend more time doing kid stuff with him. It's cliche, but true.. he's only this age once.. and I can only hope that when I slam back into the wedding/portrait business full force I'll still have devoted clients.. or at least a few people who think my work is kinda nifty. :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Lane Family Holiday Portraits

Thursday night I was able to do portraits for some friends of mine!

The Lane Family (Mike, Kim, Ryan & Gracie.. the doggie) are good friends of ours. When we did the Falling for Ryan Fundaiser, it was for their son Ryan. I was so happy to do holiday portraits for them.
Kim made it easy on me so I didn't have to come up with any ideas (THANK YOU KIM!!!). We did the portraits right in their home using their Christmas tree, couch, a string of lights and even their bed! Haha! :)


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gustafson Family Session

I had the pleasure of meeting this family at the Indian Trail Family Fun Day in October!
They were one of the winners of our drawing for a free 30 minute photo session.

I met them at Cane Creek Park at 4pm on November 21st.. I had never been to the park and it was beautiful! The sun glaring on the fall leaves against the lake.. I wish I had more time to really explore the place. Unfortunately, they closed at 5pm.. and like I always do.. I went over the 30min time frame and took up the whole hour. We were rushing out as the park officials were riding around blowing their horns.. and I found out if they close the gates, you must pay to get out! I will definitely be taking a trip back to visit!

The Gustafson Family was amazing! Such nice and thankful people, so sweet! They knew what they wanted (which always helps me out) and their kids were very well behaved. I can't say enough how sweet they all were.. especially Jennifer, the Mother. Thank YOU Jennifer.. for allowing me the opportunity to photograph your family! :) Enjoy...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kayser Family Portraits

This past Sunday afternoon I had the pleasure of doing a mini shoot (30 minutes) for a family that came by my booth at the Indian Trail Family Fun Day. The little boy, Ayden, was very cooperative.. even brought some friends (buzz & woody) that got to help me take the photos! His little sister, Ava, wasn't as happy to see me.. but I still managed to get some photos with her looking in my direction! :)